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“Knowing how to write great calls to action is an incredible business asset. CTAs are an essential part of any landing page, newsletter sign-up form, or other online-marketing measures.

Many experiments show that optimizing calls to action can have great influence on a site’s conversion and bounce rates. Yet, many website owners and marketers don’t spend enough time or effort doing so. As a consequence, their sites and marketing campaigns fail to reach their full potential.

To counteract this, in this post you will receive a full-blown education on how to write great calls to action. The post will first provide you with a definition of CTAs and then step-by-step instructions on how to improve yours. The whole thing is rounded off by examples to illustrate each point.

Let’s get started! (This, too, is a CTA, by the way.)”

Read the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: Yeah, “Join my newsletter” just doesn’t do the job unless you already have 100,000 subscribers and you’re well-known online. I found lots of great tips in this article that I’ll be using for my own CTAs in the future.